Sanders: Sending Federal Agents to Portland ‘Is What a Movement Toward Authoritarianism Is About’

‘We have a president who really does not believe in democracy’


SANDERS: “Andrea -- Andrea, I don’t want to get -- I don't want to get people too nervous here. But we have a president who really does not believe in democracy. This is a president who is trying to suppress the vote. This is a president who has contempt for Congress, ignores what Congress does. This is a president who does not respect a free press in America, the First Amendment. He thinks the media is an enemy of the people. And now what this president is saying is, I don’t care what mayors say, I don’t care what governors say, I am the president, I will send federal troops or federal agents to any place in this country. That is, Andrea, what a police state is about. That is what a movement toward authoritarianism is about.” 

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