McEnany on Chicago Mayor: ‘She’s Clearly Unable to Control Her Streets’

President Trump ‘is very discouraged by the violence he seen in Chicago and that’s why he sent a very strong letter to Mayor Lightfoot offering help’

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REPORTER: “The President wants to extend these forces to other cities like Chicago, cities where the federal property isn’t necessarily under attack. What are they going to do when they get to Chicago and these other cities with higher crime rates, higher shooting rates, higher murder rates? If the President is worried about that, what are they going to do? What are they going to arrest people with?”

McENANY: “I think you are getting ahead of the President here. He’s made no announcements as to who is going where. He’s very discouraged by the violence he’s seen in Chicago. It’s why he sent a very strong letter to Mayor Lightfoot offering help, because she’s clearly unable to control her streets, and the governor as well, unable to control that area. When you see the fact that there were 49 officers who were injured in this egregious video of them being lambasted with rioters with umbrellas, shielding from view that they were throwing projectiles and 49 officers injured. Not only that, but the poor citizenry of Chicago where 12 were murdered over the weekend, 70 shot alone. It’s incredible what we are seeing in Chicago. He has offered his help and we encourage the Mayor to take it and to be forthright about the situation in her state, much like the Governor of Missouri was and working with us on Operation LeGend to protect the people of Missouri.”

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