Eddie Glaude Jr.: Donald Trump Will Always Act in the Interest of Donald Trump

‘The briefings turned into a kind of circus where they were celebrating Donald Trump’


GLAUDE Jr.: “Well, Joe, hope springs eternal, to echo John Heilemann, I suppose. There’s a sense in which there’s always these counter tendencies in Donald Trump that even though he may have information that suggests that he should go this way, he’s always moved by his own self-interest. So even as he’s wearing a mask, we still hear the language around testing, how he’s thinking of testing as the source of the rate of increase. And we also know that what we’re experiencing now is the crisis, the hot spot in the Sun Belt, and in many of these places the public health care infrastructure is really vulnerable and fragile. So people need information. That’s why we were clamoring for the briefings in the first place. Then the briefings turned into a kind of circus where either they were just simply celebrating Donald Trump or there was this kind of 'Take bleach or UV lights' and the like misinformation. So the interesting issue here is the tension. Will he actually act in the light of the public interest or will he act in light of his own self-interest? And given the past, given the evidence from the past, Donald Trump will always act in the interest of Donald Trump. Whether or not those two things will align finally, I’m not sure, but one thing I am sure, Joe, is that he’s going to act in the interest of Donald Trump.”

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