Judge Jeanine: We’re in the Fight of Our Lives Against the Chinese Communist Party

‘Let us never forget that it was the Chinese Communist Party that lied and allowed this virus to spread and is now tearing our very society apart’


PIRRO: “Hollywood has greg to change characters and alter their movies to please the Chinese communist party. American Big Tech companies have allowed themselves to become pawns of Chinese influence. Helping the Chinese party build the great firewall of China, according to Bill Barr, the world’s most sophisticated system for surveillance and censorship. Let us never forget that it was the Chinese communist party that lied and aloud this virus to spread and is now tearing our very society apart. As hard as they may lobby to be recognized as a peaceful sovereign nation. During the pandemic they afforded the mass — they hoarded the masks for themselves and shipped often defective equipment and required foreign leaders to thank Beijing for the shipment. Let us never forget that this nation, the world’s greatest super power, will be on it’s ins to this regime if we don’t immediately take our medical supply chain from them. China is our largest supplier of medical devices. Why? America also depend on the Chinese supply chain, especially pharmaceuticals. Should China decide to limit or restrict supplies, we are in trouble. Let us never forget that America as she fights within herself must understand that we are now in the fight of the our lives with the Chinese communist party that has ripped us off for decades and now wants to take”

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