Larry Kudlow: Not Getting Rid of Unemployment Stimulus in Phase 4, We Know There’s Hardship

‘The President does want a payroll tax holiday’


KUDLOW: “Yeah. Look, if I may, respectfully and politely, disagree with that story. Secretary mnuchin and I have worked together hand in glove for two and a half years. And it has been a great pleasure. And we work on a daily basis, we’re in the same meetings all the time. We discuss, at least somebody in the west wing doesn’t understand this, we always discuss different ways to implement the president’s policies. All right? He might have an idea, I might have a different idea, all right? He might have a context, I might have a different context. But we work hand in glove together. There is no ethics struggle. The president does want a Payroll Tax holiday, and that along with restricting Covid liabilities for small business, restaurants and so forth.”

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