Fox’s Brian Kilmeade: Trump Should ‘Fly Around the Country and Let the Seniors Know He Cares’

‘When it comes to Israel, there’s only one leader that’s got blocks being named after him’


KILMEADE: “I think the president’s got to fly around the country and let the seniors know he cares. Because people who know him know he does. He says wants to be a cheerleader to get us out of it. But show you care about the people suffering and are susceptible. At the same time be specific about a pathway to get us back to school and back to work. Back to gyms and back to restaurants. So if you show you’re engaged in this area, at the same time you have the union support for the police unions, at the same time you tell oil and gas I got your back and this other guy wants to destroy you, and then when it comes to Israel, there’s only one leader that’s  got blocks being named after him, you have a chance to have a groundswell of support because the Joe Biden choice is so stark.”

(h/t Contemptor)

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