‘Morning Joe’: Biden Leads Trump by 12 Points Across 11 Battleground States

‘Biden leads Trump by six points in Arizona’


BRZEZINSKI: "And there you go. You mentioned the battleground states. Let’s look at the latest NBC News/'Wall Street Journal' poll. Biden leads the President across 11 battleground states by 12 points, 52 to 40%. Looking at specific states, according to a recent CNBC/Change Research poll, Biden leads Trump by six points in Arizona, 51 to 45%; by seven points in Florida, 50 to 43; by eight points in Pennsylvania, 50 to 42. We’ll show you another one in a moment that has a wider Biden lead here. By six points in Wisconsin and Michigan representatively, 48 to 42, and by one point in North Carolina, 47 to 46%. A new Monmouth University poll out of Pennsylvania shows the President down by 13 points, Biden up 53% to 40%. These numbers look a bit more troubling for the President when looking at key age demographics. Biden takes home the age of 18 to 49, that vote 60 to 29%; as well as the 65 and older group. Wow, 52 to 42%. The President does however lead in ages 50 to 64, 56% to Biden’s 43%."

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