Kerry: ‘We Are Not Talking About Years and Years’ in Afghanistan

‘It is way shorter than any kind of years and years’

MITCHELL: “The U.S. is now going to be there potentially for years and years, American lives – “
KERRY: “Let me push back very clearly.”
MITCHELLL: “Please.”
KERRY: “We are not talking about years and years. That is not what is contemplated.”
MITCHELL: “That’s certainly what the Afghans say, and the NSC today confirmed a letter from the president.”
KERRY: “That is not what is contemplated, years and years. It is way shorter than any kind of years and years. It is to help the Afghan military train, equip, we will advise. It’s a period of time. But I have no contemplation that I’ve heard, from the president or otherwise, about some extended years and years.”


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