Trump Hits Biden Campaign: ‘AOC and Bernie Are in Charge of Energy — I Don’t Think Texas Is Too Happy About That’

‘Biden wants to massively re-regulate the energy economy’


TRUMP: “Biden wants to massively re-regulate the energy economy, rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, which would kill our energy totally. And you’d have to close 25 percent of your businesses and kill oil and gas development. They still haven’t explained what they’re going to do to power our great plants and factories. But at some point, I’m sure they will. We’ll learn that from AOC, who’s in charge of energy. She’s in charge, along with Bernie. It’s AOC and Bernie are in charge of energy. I don’t think Texas is too happy about that. What do you think? You think we’ll call up the governor, Governor Abbott, great governor. We’ll ask, 'How do you like that, Governor?' I didn’t want to waste the phone call because I would know how he felt.”

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