Fox’s Brian Kilmeade: Trump Should Make Sure There’s No Backlog in Testing and PPE

‘What he can do, what the president can do, and what his administration can do is make sure those aren’t an issue’


KILMEADE: "I will say this, for the administration everybody should just focus on getting testing, getting it quick. Right now there's a huge testing issue and there's backlog in PPE. What he can do — what the President can do and his administration can do is make sure those aren’t an issue. I mean, it has been four or five months, it should not be an issue. I know on Long Island, one of the kids on my daughter’s soccer team tested positive. They all had to go down and get tested, four or five days still to get a result, in four or five days, five to six to seven days. Even on the quick test, three days. That shouldn’t be the case anymore.“

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