Corey Lewandowski: The Way Roger Stone Was Treated by This Government Should Scare Every American

‘Roger Stone was clearly targeted by an unfair prosecution’


LEWANDOWSKI: “Look, I think Roger Stone was treated very unfairly they used more men to go and get Roger Stone than they used on the usama bin laden raid. Just so happened one of the networks was there to watch the whole thing. Roger Stone was clearly targeted by an unfair prosecution. Look, I’m not the biggest fan of Roger Stone, I think you guys know that but the way he was treated by this government should scare the Hell out of every American that they can do that to people, they can do it to everybody. What they have done to mike flynn and Roger Stone. This president saw an injustice. He commuted the sentence which is the right thing to do to make sure roger has a fair trial and has a fair hearing is very important in our system. Comey, brennan, Clapper, McCabe, all the names we know have never been brought to justice. It’s time justifiable is blind but those people need to be held accountable.”

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