Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Suggests Donations to Black Lives Matter Are Going to the Democratic Party

‘If you click on Black Lives Matter, it goes to a Democratic cause called True Blue, meaning Code Blue’


KILMEADE: "Because that will be good, because when there is mass looting and chaos, it will be good to have mental health professionals waiting and standing by so they can talk people out of throwing that ax through a window and maybe attacking and shaking down pedestrians who are looking to get to work. Where has this model ever been effective? Where has this happened before? I know for sure where Donald Trump stands on this, and we’ll talk about this in a while. I’m not sure where Joe Biden stands on this. The Democratic Party, if you click on 'Black Lives Matter,' it goes to a Democratic cause called True Blue, meaning Code Blue, I’m pretty sure one of those organizations. So anyone who is supporting Black Lives Matter is actually supporting the Democratic Party. So I wonder if the Democratic Party actually believes in this."

(via The Contemptor

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