Mercedes Schlapp: Americans Couldn’t Talk About Any of Biden’s Accomplishments in His 40-Year Career

‘The problem is Joe Biden has been a career politician for over 40 years’

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GALLAGHER: “Yeah, and what they’re saying here, Mercedes, is maybe the President is keeping too much of the focus on himself instead of putting the focus back on Joe Biden.”

SCHLAPP: “Look, we’re all focused at the campaign as well as President Trump on hitting Joe Biden and his record. The problem is Joe Biden has been a career politician for over 40 years and I don’t think hardly any Americans can talk about his accomplishments. What we’ve seen under Joe Biden is the slowest economic recovery in history. What we’ve seen under President Trump is the strongest economic recovery where even despite coronavirus having an impact on our economy we’ve been able to create 4.8 million jobs just last month. This is something that obviously the Democrats don’t want to see and the liberal media don’t want to see, which is a successful economy despite the fact that we’re also still combating coronavirus.”

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