Dr. Scott Atlas: ‘80-85%’ of Texas Hospital Patients ‘Have Nothing To Do with COVID-19’

‘I think it only matters if we can only protect the high risk people’


ATLAS: "And I think there’s something else that goes unspoken. That is that when you have a lot of low risk people get the infection, that’s how you generate population immunity. This is the so-called herd immunity. People have been really mistaken about the number of people, by the way, that have had immunity, because immunity is not just based on antibodies, it’s based on a larger number of people who have something called T-cell immunity. But I do want to comment on the hospitalizations, because when you look more than superficially at the data, which is necessary and should be demanded from our public health officials, when you look at Texas for instance, yes, they have a lot of people in the hospital. But when I looked at every single hospital area in Texas today, 15-20% of people in the hospital as inpatients are COVID-positive e patients. That means 80-85% have nothing to do with COVID-19. And the same thing goes for some of these other states. There are people hospitalized, a large number. Because they are tested as COVID-positive, somehow that categorizes COVID hospitalizations. That’s a problem."

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