Michael Steele Refers to Biden as the President

‘In the contrast of messaging between the president and Trump — I mean, Biden and Trump is that Biden is trying to move Americans towards each other’


STEELE: “There is something to this idea of a cultural — it may not be a full-scale war, but hell sure a lot of tension that Trump gets to tap into as those white Americans look at the shrinking of their idea of America. That’s why this play around Confederacy, that’s why this play around, you know, great monuments like Mt. Rushmore and sort of standing with these backdrops that remind them of the symbols that they like about this country and that speaks to them in a somewhat personal way. That’s the play the President’s making here. So I think we need to be very careful and not be so dismissive too quickly about how this is really impacting folks. What you saw, I think real quick, Willie, in the contrast of messagings between the President and Trump — I mean, Biden and Trump, is that Biden is trying to move Americans toward each other, and Trump is looking at ways to say, 'Hey, that other is your neighbor and that person who you may — you have always had suspicions about, well, I’m going to give voice to those suspicions.' And this is going to be the test of the country going into November whether we want to move forward together or do we really want to stand around those old images of America, those old ideas, the Confederacy, etc., that made you feel good."

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