Chicago Mayor Blames Gun Violence on Lack of Health Care, Jobs, Schools, and Investments

‘We also need an all hands on deck approach’

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LIGHTFOOT: “I think to answer that question you have to also look at what has been the legacy of racism and segregation and lack of investment in our city? That is really what is causing a lot of this. Violence is an explosion, but there is a root cause underneath that. In too many of our neighborhoods historically we’ve not invested enough in making sure we have access to good health care, good Jobs, schools. Fundamentally giving residents in crime plagued neighborhoods a sense of hope and optimism that the city sees them and the city, all of us, is supportive of them. We’ve changed that around in my one year in office but there is so much more work to be done. In particular, we’ve got to reach out to those young men that are on the corners, that are the shooters, and we’ve got to brick their consciousness about the sanctity of life. We also need an all hands on deck approach. It can’t just be on the police. Certainly that doesn’t work. It can’t just be on city government although we’re all hands on deck. It’s got to be the responsibility of every chicagoan and every community to think about and execute on what we all can do to keep our community safe.”

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