Josh Hawley: Prosecutor Investigating the St. Louis Couple Protecting Their Home Is ‘Abuse of Power’

‘It’s just insane’


HAWLEY: "Well, public sentiment shouldn’t come into it when you are talking about the law. The truth is they are on their own property. They are standing there, they have a Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. They felt that they were being threatened. The video shows folks on their property shouting threats at them. And the truth is they never left their property. They never went toward the crowd, got off the property, you know, waved the guns around to get them back on the street. They stayed right where they were, which is their right to do. And the idea that you wouldn’t prosecute actual violent criminals who are shooting cops, who are burning buildings in St. Louis. Those people don’t even get charged, yet you are going to investigate and maybe prosecute this couple? That’s really an abuse of power."

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