Katty Kay: How Many Times Since February Has President Trump Made Cozy with Putin?

‘Why did the Republican Party give in to president Putin on his cozy relationship with Russia’


KAY: “Why did the Republican Party give in to President Putin on his cozy relationship with Russia when they’d been so hawkish prior to that on Russia? It's surprising, I'm going to be very interested to see whether you now see this being the point at which you have other Republicans — we’re watching for Marco Rubio, for example, to come around and say it’s not okay to not hold Russia to account over this. What is it, since March he’s given humanitarian aid, called Putin a friend and invited them to join the G7. If it’s true, as 'The New York Times' is reporting, that it was in that presidential daily briefing back in February, how many times since February has President Trump made cozy with President Putin? Knowing that this was there. Unless either he really does not read ever the presidential daily briefing or his aides decided to make sure that bit of the daily briefing was not elevated to him, put right in front of him, under his nose, and pointed out to him because, as David Ignatius is suggesting, they don’t want to upset him by pointing out anything that’s going to be critical of Russia."

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