Ingraham: If You Thought Destroying Mt. Rushmore Was Too Crazy for Liberals To Support, Think Again

‘My next guest says this will never happen, at least not on her watch’


INGRAHAM: “Perhaps most astonishing, majority of those identified liberal supported destroying Mount Rushmore. But my next guest says this will never happen, at least not on her watch. Joining me now South Dakota governor Kristi Noem. I’m not too far away from South Dakota but did you ever think that you would have to actually be speaking out against tearing down Mount Rushmore during your term in office? Governor Kristi Noem, I’m not sure she can hear us. I was asking her if she ever thought that she would have to speak out about tearing down statues of Mount Rushmore. And I’m not sure if she is there? Is she there, governor? I never thought she would have to — we will try to get back to her. This is life TV and what happens kids. He does not want President Trump anywhere near Mount Rushmore, watch.”

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