CNN’s Coates: We Are Fighting a War and One of the Best Weapons Is Wearing a Mask

‘President Trump is a wartime president’


COATES: “The fact is, President Trump is a wartime president. Time for him to act like one. This country is at war. We’re at war against Covid-19. And we need to take this deadly seriously because that is exactly what it is. Deadly serious. More than 126,000 — 126,000 Americans have died from this virus. 4,431 have died in Iraq. We are fighting a war. One of the best weapons we have is wearing a mask. And the fact is, wearing a mask isn’t giving up your liberty. It’s choosing to do something that protects your fellow Americans. And it’s such a small sacrifice. It’s nothing compared to what parents and grandparents did during World War II. When food, cars, gas and shoes were all rationed. And frankly there are more recent examples.”

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