CNN’s Coates: George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks Complied with Police and Still Ended Up Dead

‘It really is just minimizing what the experience with police has been in this country’


COATES: “Are you kidding? He said I didn’t get in the car. They offered me a ride to the hospital. I know why. Look what happened up to this point in time. Wrist broken. Come into the car, the idea of that, and the statement of he forgave them. Just the idea. I hope people realize this idea of fear of the police is not because there’s some boogy man urn the bed. This is learned behavior over interactions and multi-generations. The vestage of the 13th Amendment. We can’t look at these things in a vacuum. When you look at it in a vacuum and say all you had to do was comply. We have seen in the past what month and a half George Floyd was complying. And Rayshard Brooks spent 40 minutes of his time talking to officers. Complying and having the conversational tone. And then everything went left. It really is just minimizing what the experience with police has been in this country. People are seeing it for the first time it seems like.”

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