Marc Thiessen: Protesters Are Not Against Confederacy, They’re Against the Union

‘This is a problem with the American left is they always go too far’


THIESSEN: “This is a problem with the American left is they always go too far. Instead of pushing for police reform which is what American support including on Capitol Hill. They go for defund the police which is a line or tear interview and instead of starting a national conversation on confederate memorials which I think a lot of people would support revisiting and removing, they go after George Washington. They go after Abraham Lincoln, tearing down and defacing these statues. What it shows is they’re not against the confederacy, they are against the union. They are against America. They think America is racist because we have slavery and our institutions that were founded during slavery were irredeemably racist. Let’s start with canceling the Democratic Party which was founded to get — to get rid of slavery, to oppose the civil rights movement and defend segregation. If the Democratic Party, if you are roots and history make you irredeemably racist in the Democratic Party needs to go.”

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