Andy Biggs Blasts Mandatory Mask Orders: ‘Without Authority or Process’

‘That’s important in a free society that you do things by process’


BIGGS: "There's two things I really want to get at. A lot of these mask orders were initiated without authority or process, and that’s important in a free society that you do things by process. The second thing is, you can identify the people who are most vulnerable, which we have done, and even the previous report that talked about, you’ve got a spike, but still, over 65 folks with comorbidities remain the most vulnerable. You can take care of those folks, but what would happen is, in a retail store, I would be able to go in, if they require masks, I might say that’s the store I want to shop at because I feel safer. If they don’t require masks, I might say that’s where I want to go because I don’t want to be subject to masks. If I get on the airline, the one I rode yesterday, they said you’ve got to wear a mask, I wore a mask. That’s what I’m getting at."

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