Sen. Warren: ‘Being Race-Conscious Is Not Enough’; ‘We Must Be Anti-Racists’

‘Congress has the power and the responsibility to end decades of injustice’


WARREN: “The tens of thousands of Americans protesting the appalling killings of black men and women are calling upon us, on all of us not just to say the words 'black lives matter,' but to take a tangible step toward making it true by breaking apart the systems that have stolen countless black lives and denied black Americans opportunity and equal treatment. Being race-conscious is not enough. It never was. We must be anti-racists. Removing the names, symbols, displays, monuments and paraphernalia that honor or commemorate the Confederacy and anyone who voluntarily served it from military property is in the broader scheme only one step toward addressing systemic racism in our society. But it is an important step. It will bring us closer to acknowledging the truth of that ugly past and it will give us a firmer foundation on which to build a better future for everyone."

(via Twitter)

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