Frank Figliuzzi: Let’s Have Full Hearings in Russia Bounty Plot

‘The president is telling the truth that this didn’t rise to the level of briefing’


FIGLIUZZI: “But I want to give some of the naysayers on the other side a moment here. Let's assume for the sake of argument that rarely, in a rare instance, the President is telling the truth that this didn’t rise to the level of briefing because it wasn’t credible. Well, here’s how this goes. We need to know a lot more about the vetting process, because what I’m hearing, Nicolle, from people still inside the intelligence community is that they are hesitant to even vet anti-Russia information that would be unpleasant for the President to hear. So what I want to see is public hearings, certainly much of it will be have to be behind closed doors because it'll be classified, but let's have full hearings on not only this allegation but what was done to vet this out. If you say it’s not credible, what did you do? Or did you just shut it down?”

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