Cuomo Pulls Brakes on Indoor Dining

‘It is indoor dining in New York City where you already have issues with high congregations’


CUOMO: “It's not just indoor dining alone, it's indoor dining in New York City where you already have issues with high congregations, you already have issues of people clearly violating social distancing, and you now have an added factor of viral spread all across the nation and high likelihood that those people will come to New York City. It's that combination of facts that is precarious. And we don’t have a decision. I want to take today, tomorrow, talk to everyone. We’ll announce a decision on Wednesday. But all of these decisions are just for this period of time. Anyone who says, well, what's it going to look like in two weeks? What's it going to look like in three weeks? I don't -- I wouldn’t believe any of those answers. You have to look at what is the viral spread across the country, what's the viral spread in New York City -- we trace it every day. But it would be all of these short-term measures.”

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