Scarborough: Trump’s Rally Will Make Arizona Sicker

‘This is a super spreader event that will make Arizona sicker’


SCARBOROUGH: "Well, and, Donny, the fear not only goes to Donald Trump getting re-elected. The fear is from some people, a lot of people who supported him in 2016, who are now fearful for their own lives because of the 125,000 Americans who have already been killed by a virus that Donald Trump said was just one person coming in from China and would be gone. But now they look at scenes — if you’re a senior in Arizona, and you look at scenes from that Arizona rally for Trump where young people are jammed into this auditorium, screaming and yelling and pushing the President to make racist statements, and very few of them are wearing masks and you’re a senior in Arizona, you understand that if what everything we’ve heard about this pandemic is true, or most of it is true, that this is a super-spreader event that will make Arizona sicker, will make communities and hospitals — their facilities more jammed, and will literally threaten the lives of senior citizens.”

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