Geller on Boston Terror Suspect Beheading Plot: ‘They Are Coming After Me’

‘They are coming after me for violating Sharia’

CUOMO: “It was a big headline. Law enforcement sources say activist Pamela Geller was the original target of a terror plot for this madman who actually wanted to behead her. This was uncovered when a Boston terror suspect was killed by police earlier this week. Now, Geller, as you may remember, organized the Draw Mohammed event in Garland, Texas, that ended in gunfire last month, and runs a group that does take shots at Islam on a regular basis. Pamela Geller joins us now. Before we get into the debate about what you do and what you are going to do, how are you, with these threats?” 
GELLER: “I'm fine, or as well as can be expected. But they're violating -- they are coming after me for violating the Sharia, for violating the blasphemy laws, and they mean to come after everybody that doesn't abide by, voluntarily, the blasphemy laws under Islamic law.” 
CUOMO: “It is one thing to have them attack what you say. It' is another thing for them to want to actively attack you. How has your life changed now since exposure of this and even before of what you thought you may face?” 
GELLER: “Well clearly I am under 24-hour guard now, so that's dramatically changed. Anybody that speaks critically of Islam will find themselves in this position, and it's not new. We see this is going on across Europe, and even in the Middle East and Africa, in Bangladesh. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims have marched for the death penalty for bloggers, that they be put to death. It's interesting, in Muslim countries under the Sharia, there is a death penalty for blaspheming Mohammad. In the west, you are not assassinated but your character is assassinated. You're defamed, libeled, and ridiculed if you dare criticize Islam. That's where we are right now.” 

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