Stelter: ‘When the President Loses this Election in November, It Is About this Divorce from Reality’

‘For the most part right wing media tried to move on and the president as usual is taking his cues from those sources’


STELTER: “The biggest way that Fox is downplaying the virus is not by explicitly telling viewers, 'Don't wear a mask.' It's never that explicit. It's much more subtle. It's about covering other stories instead. It's about paying attention to other issues. It is like acting like the virus, the threat has passed, the same way the President is acting that way. And I think ultimately, you know, when the President loses this re-election in November, it will be about his divorce from reality. And one of the biggest areas where he's divorced from reality is when it comes to this virus. And we will see, you know, if Sean Hannity challenges him on this, if people in the Town Hall tonight challenge him about the virus, but for the most part, right-wing media has tried to just move on and the President, as usual, is taking his cues from those sources."

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