Dr. Vin Gupta Says We Should Mandate Masks and Ban Indoor Dining: ‘We Just Can’t Do It Safely’

‘We’re seeing evidence coming out of China again that indoor dining in restaurants is a super spreader type event’

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GUPTA: “In addition to mandating masks, we need to get honest about indoor dining. We’re seeing now evidence coming out of China again that indoor dining in restaurants is just — it’s a super spreader-type event. We just can’t do it safely. Yes, I want to eat out as much as anybody else, but we need to do it outdoors for the time being until we get a handle on this. Yesterday the federal government said they would pull funding for community testing sites in underserved areas in seven states. That needs to change. We can’t have that. We need the opposite of it. It’s too evocative of what the President said in Tulsa, he’s following it up with actual policy to slow down testing. We can’t have that. So those three policies, mandating masks, getting very honest about what we can and cannot do safely in public, such as outdoor dining only, and then increasing testing. We have to increase testing, especially in underserved areas. Those are key."

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