CNN: Appeals Court Orders Judge Sullivan to Dismiss Michael Flynn Case

‘A D.C. Appeals has just court ordered a federal judge to dismiss the entire case against Michael Flynn’


PEREZ: “It was a bit of a surprise because of the way the judges were asking questions it seemed at least that they were going to let the judge have his hearing — Judge Sullivan, his name is Sullivan, had scheduled a hearing in a couple of weeks to hear some of this and we thought at least they would let that proceed, but now the the judges have come back and said that really, in the end, there is only one answer which is that prosecutors, that the Justice Department has the discretion to dismiss this case. They’re the only ones that can prosecute a case. They’re the only ones that can actually bring charges and that’s just the way the system works. Neomi Rao, the Trump appointee wrote the decision and she explains essentially that there is no other choice here that the judge must follow the Justice Department argument which is that new information has come forward and that is the reason why they want to drop these charges against Michael Flynn.”

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