Sen. Scott: Dems Moving the Goal Posts Show Some More Interest in Politics than in Police Reform

‘They are more interested in campaigns’


SCOTT: “They say they want to have more information on best practices. That’s in our bill. They say they want to talk about mental health experts. That’s what the President’s executive order says on co-responders, it’s in our bill. Drug addiction, in our bill. Homelessness, in our bill. Their priorities, fortunately and unfortunately for them, matches pretty well with the President’s priorities, and those two matches really well with my priorities and the Senate priorities on the Republican side. So now we’re having to ask a political question. If you get two-thirds of what you want out of the gate, why would you change the rules and change the goal post? They said chokehold was the litmus test, but we had already put it in our bill. So they changed the goal post. They do that because it seems like they’re more interested in campaigns than they are the vulnerable communities they say they serve. And when you feel like you own that vote, you quit working hard for those people."

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