Mika Brzezinski: Trump Is ‘Putting American People’s Lives at Risk’ with ‘Trail of Germs’

‘This president constantly is putting American people’s lives at risk as he demands their presence’


BRZEZINSKI: "It is the President’s second visit to Arizona in the past few months. After a stopover in Yuma, Trump is expected to head to Phoenix to deliver remarks at a church event for a conservative student organization called Turning Points USA. But in a statement, the mayor of Phoenix said the event, quote, does not abide by current CDC guidelines during COVID-19. The mayor’s statement also reads in part, quote, 'While I do not believe an event of this magnitude can be held safely, particularly as Arizona sees rising COVID cases, the President has decided to continue with this rally. Everyone attending tomorrow’s event, particularly any elected official, should set an example to residents by wearing a mask. This includes the President.' Jonathan Lemire, I’m wondering if you can, first of all, back up a little bit, because I’ve seen a lot of controversy on Twitter. The President and his wall and the way different media outlets are covering it. He wants a certain story out there about his wall. Not sure he’s going to get it. But then also the safety issue. The trail of germs left in Tulsa after 6,200 people crammed into the lower seats of a convention center is going to be bad enough, and now he’s hopscotching across the country, sending a signal that masks are a bad idea. I mean, this president constantly is putting American people’s lives at risk as he demands their presence."

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