CNN’s Stelter: Fox News Poll ‘Right in Line’ with the CNN Poll Jenna Ellis Attacked Us Over

‘There’s a poll this week from a different news source showing Biden ahead’


STELTER: “Well, there's a new poll this week from a very different news source showing Biden ahead, way ahead by 12 points. It's from Fox News. While Trump has not to our knowledge sent a cease and desist letter to his favorite network, he did call the poll phony. He said it was done by the group of haters and said Fox is terrible. This is where media literacy comes in. Fox News actually has a very reliable, well respected polling unit with a really great track record and an A-minus rating from FiveThirtyEight. And like I said, Fox's poll findings were right in line with CNN findings the week before. Fox's poll included interviews with 1,343 randomly chosen registered voters nationwide. That mirrors CNN's poll which had a sample of 1,259 respondents. This is how scientific polls have worked for decades.”

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