Trump: Fake News CNN Anchor Said Things Were Peaceful in Riots When the Whole Town Was Burning

‘It looked like the world was coming to an end’

TRUMP:  "Our incredible success in rebuilding America stands in shark contrast to the extremism and destruction and violence of the radical left. We just saw it outside. You saw these thugs they came along. They call them protesters. Isn’t it beautiful? So beautiful. So wonderful. They call them the Boston tea party. They are so wonderful. Have you ever watched fake news CNN? Have you ever watched? What do they call them? How about the CNN anchor — how about the CNN anchor that did a little shave job on the head which is find. He’s standing in front of a building saying things are very peaceful here. And the building looks like the biggest fire I have ever seen. The whole town is burning. He says things are very good here. These are wonderful people. Ever see that? It looked like the world was coming to an end."

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