Trump: We’ll Have Close to 300 Federal Judges Appointed and Approved by the End of My First Term

‘And two great Supreme Court judges’

TRUMP:  "We are going to stop the radical left and build safely for every mayor what of every race, religion and creed. Republicans are the party liberty, equality, and justice for all. We are the party Abraham and we are the party of law and order. Think of what we have done. We’ll have close to 300 federal judges appointed and approved by the end of my first time, the all-time record the all-time record. I always heard how important judges are. Now we know how important they are. Think of that. Over 300 — around 300 by the end of the term. When we have another four years we’ll have a big, big percentage of the total number. Very important. November 3. And two great Supreme Court judges. Two justices of the supreme Court. Justice Gorsuch and justice is Kavanaugh. They are great. They are great. We have two."

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