CBS News: Muslim Man Killed by Boston Police Was Planning a Terror Attack

‘Sources say Rahim, man shot and killed on Tuesday, was allegedly influenced by ISIS’

[rush transcript]
ROSE: “Welcome to CBS This Morning. We are learning more about a new arrest outside Boston just hours after police shot and killed a terror suspect. Investigators say a man picked up last night in Everett, Massachusetts, was communicated with Usaama Rahim about attacks in America.”
O’DONNELL (voice-over): “Officer shot Rahim during a confrontation on Tuesday in Boston’s Roslindale neighborhood. He was under 24-hour surveillance at the time he was killed. Jeff Pegues in Washington is talking with his sources. Jeff, good morning.”
PEGUES: “Good morning. We just got a confirmation. Minutes ago U.S. law enforcement sources tell us, the suspect arrested overnight and Usaama Rahim were communicating and discussing potential attacks. Sources say Rahim, the man shot and killed on Tuesday was allegedly influenced by ISIS in planning a knife attack before investigators moved in to question him.”

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