Tucker: Rayshard Brooks’ Death Is Not the Fault of the Police

‘They want more hatred of the police’


CARLSON: “Rayshard Brooks was a tragedy, all deaths are a tragedy, but it was not the fault of the two police officers. Officers. There was not a single American of any background of any color who could attacked two callouts, steal a taser, try to shoot an officer with a taser and not expect to be shot by the police. That is the truth. Unjustified police killings have happened in America. This is not one of them. But the media and their masters in the Democratic Party smell blood. They want more conflict. They want more hatred of the police. They want more racial division come all of which they believe serves them here they are inflaming the country as much as they can. Stacey Abrams pretends to be the governor. And he was murdered because he was asleep in a drive through. That is a lie appeared on CNN attorney Angeles rice — Angela Wright said brooks had no idea to steal the taser from the police officer. If he had not done that the police officer simply would have executed him.”

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