‘Morning Joe’ Compares Trump to Fascist Leaders

‘He just doesn’t understand that he is talking about American citizens’


SCARBOROUGH: "You know, I remember back in December of 2015 when Donald Trump was talking about Muslim bans and Muslim registry, I asked is this what Germany looked like in 1933. You always have to be careful, of course, using analogies that line this president up with anybody. So I won’t say that the President of the United States saying that it was a beautiful thing, police cutting through marchers like a knife cutting butter, I won’t say that’s fascist, I will leave that to our viewers to go back in history and see what fascist leaders have said about if anybody said anything similar to 'It was a beautiful scene, like knife cutting through butter.' But I’ll just say this. If you can’t find examples of fascist leaders talking about violence against protesters that way, please, your homework assignment for the weekend, if you so choose to take it, is to find an American president that’s ever talked like this."

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