Chris Wallace: Last Week Was ‘Very Bad’ for Trump in Terms of Re-Election Prospects

‘When you’re getting called out by everybody from Jim Mattis to former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mike Mullen, and even your own current Secretary of Defense Mark Esper breaks with you, that’s not a good week’


WALLACE: "Well, I’m not going to talk about it in terms of right or wrong. I mean, you know, the president has his base and he has his beliefs and he’s entitled to them. Let me talk about it in terms of politics. And I would say that the last week was a very bad week for the president in terms of politics, in terms of his potential re-election prospects. I mean, when you’re getting called out by the episcopal bishop of Washington and the archbishop of the Catholic Church of Washington, when you’re getting called out by everybody from Jim Mattis, to former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Mike Mullen, and even your own current Secretary of Defense Mark Esper breaks with you, that’s not a good week. He had some good news on the economy but clearly — and you see there’s a new poll in the 'Washington Post' today that indicates by almost two to one margin people don’t think the president has handled the last week properly. And his approval ratings and his standing in the polls have dropped. So you can argue as to whether he’s right or wrong, but politically I think it’s been a bad week."

(h/t Mediaite)

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