Chad Wolf: Attacks on Law Enforcement Is Not an Abstract Idea; They Are Being Targeted

‘They have a right to do their job and to go home back to their families’


WOLF: Let me just say, yes, let me just say that for DHS, this hits home. We had a federal protective officer last Friday, over a week ago, targeted and assassinated, shot in the head as he’s responding to a protest. This hits very close to home for the Department of Homeland Security. So when we talk about attacks on law enforcement, it’s not an abstract idea.

We are seeing them being targeted. We need to make sure that the violence that’s going on in cities across American and again, it’s diminished. I — I — I acknowledge that it does not continue. So that’s a real concern that law enforcement who are sent out there and do their job every day, protecting the American people every day. They have a right to do their job and to go home back to their families safe.

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