Fmr. President Obama on Young People Participating in Protests: ‘It Makes Me Feel as if This Country’s Going to Get Better’

‘Historically, so much of the progress that we’ve made in our society has been because of young people’


OBAMA: “Dr. King was a young man when he got involved. Cesar Chavez was a young man. Malcolm X was a young man. The leaders of the feminist movement were young people. Leaders of union movements were young people. The leaders of the environmental movement in this country and the movement to make sure that the LGBT community finally had a voice and was represented were young people. When sometimes I feel despair, I just see what’s happening with young people all across the country and the talent and the voice and the sophistication that they’re displaying, and it makes me feel optimistic. It makes me feel as if this country is going to get better."

(via Twitter)

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