Fox’s Griff Jenkins Falsely Claims ‘Tear Gas Was Not Used’ on D.C. Protesters

‘The Park Police issuing a statement saying they did not use tear gas’


JENKINS: "There is clarity on that point. And, no, tear gas was not used. The park police issuing a statement saying they did not use tear gas. They used the pepper spray that they use, far less lethal. And we also know, Ainsley, that Attorney General Bill Barr now saying that he ordered that park be cleared after projectiles were thrown, not only yesterday but in previous days. The number of Secret Service, law enforcement agents that have been pelted with rocks, projectiles, frozen ice, water bottles, and so they felt when the President goes, the Attorney general that is, felt when the President makes that walk, he wants that park cleared. And when you have a situation unfolding where the President is as exposed as he was on that long walk, because remember, you never see that. Sometimes during an inauguration you will see people walk to the Blair House, a much shorter walk from the White House. This is several hundred yards all the way across Eighth Street and open, active D.C. street obviously was shut down. And so we are learning more about it. But the park police very much wanting to say that the accusations of tear gas not accurate."

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