Kayleigh McEnany: Burning of St. John’s Church ‘Does Not Honor the Legacy of George Floyd’

‘That does not honor the legacy of George Floyd’


McENANY: “And of course, we know that the March on Washington ended with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. giving that incredible speech 'I have a dream.' In that church, the same church that was burning last night, here’s what they said, taking that bold stance to support Martin Luther King, they said this: 'This church building is open as it has always been, so all who want to worship here, the ministry of this parish is extended to any who seek it. Our fellowship with one another has no limitations whatsoever.' That church supported the bold civil rights moment of the March on Washington, which began at the Lincoln Memorial. That does not honor the legacy of George Floyd. It does not further the cause. And those are violent anarchists, Antifa, who are taking advantage of the pain of people, the pain of the peaceful protesters. It’s inexcusable and we have to stand as one America against the burning of the church and the defacement of the Lincoln Memorial."

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