Biden: ‘I Don’t Expect Anything from the Black Community, I’ve Never Taken You for Granted’

‘I want to make something clear — I don’t expect anything from the black community’


BIDEN: “He legitimized things — you haven't heard things said out loud 10 years ago you hear now. You haven't heard them said out loud by leaders. It's encouraged people to bring out the vitriol and it matters, it matters what people say. And so, those of you knew Beau well, you knew I hadn't planned to run again for office. I'm no hero, I'm not playing any of this stuff. You know, this is not —it's just like, okay. When I saw them coming out of those fields, I said, 'How if God's name?' If I say I care about it, do I sit down and just kind of walk away? I want to make something clear. I don't expect anything from the black community. I've never taken you for granted. Never one single moment of my entire career have I ever said, 'Well, I'm with you so I expect you to show up.' I've never, ever, ever done that. It has to be earned. Earned every single time."

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