Larry Kudlow on China: Their Moves on Hong Kong Are a Very, Very Big Mistake

‘Let me say that China in my judgment is making a very big mistake in their national security move to take over Hong Kong’


KUDLOW: “We can’t let this go unnoticed and they will be held accountable for that if need be. Hong Kong now may have to be treated the same way that China is treated. And that has implications for tariffs and that has implications for financial transparency and stock market listings and related matters. I think China has made a huge mistake. Just as we have long said that China concealing information without any transparency, without any outside inspection with respect to the virus, which clearly originated in China, that was another big mistake, so we’re very unhappy with those issues. It’s a complex relationship. The China phase I trade deal does continue to go on for the moment and we may be making progress there. But I think their moves on Hong Kong are a very, very big mistake."

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