Santorum: ‘If We Don’t Start Winning’ Against ISIS, We’ll See Casualties at Home

‘These are folks who play real, who are serious about killing Americans and killing anybody in their way; We better start taking them seriously’

SANTORUM: “I would say two things. We already have 3,000 people on the ground right now. So we're talking about an increase, but again, it’s not anywhere near the troop levels that we had when we were fighting where there were lots of body bags coming back. This is a troop level that actually many suggested that we should have kept when we pulled out of Iraq. So I don't think this is -- and by the way I'm not talking about front line troops here, I'm talking about folks that can be helpful and doing more what have is be done right now and improving the efficacy of those who are on the ground. Secondly I would say if we don't start winning the war against ISIS, my fear is that we are going to see casualties here in the United States. ISIS is going to get stronger; they going to have much more appeal to jihadists all over the world including this country. And you see them; they're calling for – they are talking about getting a nuclear weapon from Pakistan, they are talking about bringing it in the United States. These are folks who if you look at the mass graves, if you look at crucifixions, I don't think they just -- this is not hyperbole. These are folks who play real, who are serious about killing Americans and killing anybody in their way. And we better start taking them seriously.” 


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