Andy Biggs: IRS Is Not Taking Care of Americans and Their Refunds

‘They’re not getting the responses that they need to get’


BIGGS: “Yes. So first of all, you’re right. I’m getting a lot of calls in my district, people who are waiting for refunds who filed by paper and that’s just their preferred way and they’re making calls to inquire about various issues with the IRS. They’re not getting the responses that they need to get. So that’s the push here is to try to get the IRS to say why we’re not getting those responses. I know they’re inundated because they were the ones processing some of these checks that were going out to everybody in the country. But the bottom line is you have to take care of your root business, your foundational business, and that is the constituent service of getting back the refunds that are due to these people and responding when they have a question or complaint. And they’re not doing that. And so we’re hoping that IRS will give us a reason why and step up their game.”

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