Jindal: ‘Not Enough to Just Elect a Republican ...We Need a Republican to Make Big Changes’

‘We need a Republican who will make big changes to help rescue the American dream for the next generation’

BLITZER: "When will you announce you're running for the Republican presidential nomination?"

JINDAL: "Well, Wolf, we'll make our decision after our legislative session ends on June 11th. If I were to become a candidate, it'd be to bring big change in D.C. I want to see a Republican win in 2016. It's not enough just to elect a Republican. We need a Republican who will make big changes to help rescue the American dream for the next generation."

BLITZER: "Which way are you leaning?"

JINDAL: "Well, you know, we've given this a lot of thought. We put together these policies through America Next. We have a couple more weeks in session. After that, we'll make our decision shortly. We won't keep you guessing for long. But the important thing is, on the Republican side, we have a number of candidates, and I think that's a good thing, unlike the Democratic side, who are in the process of crowning Hillary. I think it's a good thing we have competition on our side. Every politician says the next is the most important in our lifetime. Wolf, this time it really, really is. If we don't -- if we don't shrink the size of this government, balance our budget, get the economy growing again, we'll have a generation of Americans who will only know about the American dream from their history books. That's not acceptable."

BLITZER: "Bobby Jindal is the governor of Louisiana. We'll be anxious to get your decision. Your family there on board, I take it though?"

JINDAL: "Well, we've been talking to the kids, and my wife, you know, we've been thinking and praying about this together as a family. They're great. They're very supportive. They've been wonderfully supportive as I've been governor these last two terms. So if we make a decision, we'll make it jointly as a family."

BLITZER: "We'll hear what you have decided. Thanks very much, Governor, for joining us."

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