Tucker on Closure of Churches: Governors Do Not Have the Power To Veto the Constitution

‘It’s in the Constitution, right up there with freedom of speech’


CARLSON: “Welcome back. Freedom religion is, of course, this country’s bedrock right, it’s the reason the country was founded in the first place, and of course, it’s in the Constitution, right up there with freedom of speech. Those in power have used coronavirus as an excuse to extinguish all of it, churches were immediately closed all over the country, and people were threatened if they dared to worship. That still the case in many states. In spite of evidence that lockdowns can be loosened without increasing infections, that has happened, and despite many businesses being allowed to open, never closed in the first place, liquor stores, abortion clinics, but still shuttered by decree. In general, they are nice people and slow to anger, but believers are finally standing up to reclaim their rights. In Minnesota, six catholic bishops have given parishes permission to resume holding mass, in defiance of governor Tim Walz’s order, not sure where Tim Walz thinks he has the right to do that, but he does. In California, pastors have announced a plan to defy governor Newsom and resume their services. Now, all of these people are legal American citizens, so the governors may not look kindly on them. They should just call themselves illegal aliens, and they will get free subsidies. Probably won’t do that, though. But tonight, they are not alone. The president has announced that his administration support the reopening houses of worship.”

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